English Skills

All our activities are held in English. We provide our members with a unique opportunity to develop their English skills in a wide range of settings, including relaxed weekly training sessions, competitive tournaments and interactive workshops. Whatever your language skills are at the moment, our wide selection of activities makes it easier to improve them.


We value argumentation that is respectful, detailed and open-minded. Debating involves a lot of teamwork, strengthens engagement skills and teaches you how to improvise and analyse issues critically on your feet. These skills all come with practice — and you can start already this week!

Public Speaking

Speaking in public is not a skill that we are born with. Your very first debating speech may last only one minute, but in one year you may already be debating in tournament finals. We will help you learn presenting ideas clearly and impressively. This is something that you will inevitably need in your future career and it will definitely boost your self-perception.

Develop your skills!

Every week on Tuesdays we hold debates in the center of Helsinki. We match beginners with more seasoned speakers, which allows for exchange of experience and helps develop debating mentorships. We also provide starting debaters with training material and are always inspired to answer all kinds of questions about debating in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We also have workshops where you can boost your debating energy, receive detailed individual feedback and learn how to approach complex social trends. And you can implement your new skills at a wide selection of tournaments!

Travel and meet people!

And what about traveling? Regardless whether you have been debating one week or a couple of years already, you are always welcome to represent Helsinki Debating Society at international debating tournaments abroad. Also in Helsinki, you have a great chance to meet new people at a variety of events organized by us. Check our Events section to learn more.

Learn By Yourself!

Our team has developed an educational material database, that you can access when you become a member of Helsinki Debating Society. Access is totally free and the material is tailored to debaters of different levels of experience. Interested? Join us!


Debating is not only about debating. We have a tradition to gather together in a unofficial atmosphere after our weekly sessions to talk and just relax. Our get-togethers do not stop in the summer, which often is the most silent time of the academic year. After weekly debates in the summer, we meet for picnics and movie nights and explore the best summer terraces in the heart of Helsinki.


"Once you have had to debate a topic that you know almost nothing about and you only have 15 minutes to prepare, any presentation after that is very easy. Debaters are often intelligent and open minded, and especially debaters in Helsinki are very welcoming. I felt super welcome from the very first debate I was at."

Martijn Roo, Software Developer, Berlin