The Society and Its Members

In our Debating Society, students and young adults from different backgrounds, degree programmes and countries come together to improve their debating skills and discuss topical issues. Besides debating as a sport, debaters are also motivated to expand their knowledge and sharpen their rhetorical and language skills. The soft-skill aspect aside, Helsinki Debating Society also trains its members to take part in competitive tournaments around Europe and the World. In these competitions our debaters strive to excel with their acquired skills while representing the Society. To support this spirit, we are always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Sharing Our Knowledge

In our Debating Society we bring together people with backgrounds in different fields, which creates an environment conducive for exploring new perspectives. Through debating you also develop a variety of skills, such as preparing and structuring speeches, constructing compelling cases, and thinking quickly on your feet when responding to arguments. We offer workshops and training sessions to organizations interested in learning about argumentation, rhetorics and debating.

Contact Us

If you have any requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.