What is HDS?

Helsinki Debating Society (HDS) is the oldest British Parliamentary Format debating society in Finland, promoting critical thinking and reasoned discourse since 2001. We offer a wide selection of training activities on a weekly basis, and our society is open for everyone to join for free. You can find out about our upcoming events and training on our Facebook page.

Debating Format

We debate in British Parliamentary Style. There are eight people in a debate, in four teams of two. Sides and positions are randomly assigned. After the motion is announced, the teams have 15 minutes to prepare for the debate. Then Government and Opposition, each side represented by two competing teams, clash on a certain topic. Debate motions cover a wide range of topics, and tackle various different spheres of life. No expert knowledge in economics, law, politics or rocket science is required. All you need is blank paper, a pen and motivation to learn — we will provide you with everything else!

Want to get prepared before coming to debate? You can download our introductory leaflet here.

  • Founded in 2001
  • Every 365 days:
  • 48 weekly debates
  • 4 tournaments
    arranged in HKI region
  • 80 topics debated

  • in numbers and figures

The Board 2023

Tuomas Perkinen — President
Helena Parkatti — Vice President
Ananth Mahadevan — Member of the Board
Amanda Vilen — Treasurer
Tuomas Perkinen — Member of the Board
Pihla Kukkonen — Member of the Board
Mikael Lindholm — Member of the Board

Earlier Boards